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Dissertations in Progress

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Dissertations in Progress

Katrina Anderson (Advisor: Erica Armstrong Dunbar) “Traveling the British Atlantic World: Free Women of African Descent and Emancipation in the Black Atlantic, 1770-1865”

Anastasia Day (Advisor: Arwen Mohun) "Productive Plots: Nature, Nation, and Industry in the Victory Gardens of the U.S. World War II Home Front"

Gregory Hargreaves (Advisor: Arwen Mohun) “Edge-Effect Capitalism: A Deep History of American Industrialization”

Stephanie Hill (Advisor: Peter Kolchin) “On the Border of Freedom: A Comparative Study of African-American Experiences in Delaware and Maryland From 1864 to 1912”

Benjamin Tomak (Advisor: Cathy Matson) "There is a Balm in Maryland: Early-Modern Medicine in the English Atlantic World, 1634-1695"

Benjamin Wollet (Advisor: Arwen Mohun) "Spinning the Wheels: Americans and the Environmental Costs of Transportation, 1957-2007"

Recently Completed Dissertations

Jeffery Appelhans (Advisor: Christine Heyrman) “Catholics in Early American Civil Society and the Public Sphere”

Alexander Ames  (Advisor:James Brophy) “The Letter and the Spirit: Calligraphy, Mansucripts, and Popular Piety in German Pensylvania, ca. 1750-1850.” Winner of the University’s Sypherd Prize, for the best dissertation in the humanities, 2018.

Michelle Everidge Anderson (Advisor: Rebecca Davis) “Unsettled: Temporary Housing and American Families in the Twentieth Century”

Nicole Belolan (Advisor: Katherine Grier) “Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861”

Christopher Bouton (Advisor: Peter Kolchin) “Against the Peace and Dignity of the Commonwealth: Physical Confrontations Between Slaves and Whites in Virginia, 1801-1865”

Holly Caldwell (Advisor: Jesus Cruz) “Modernizing the Disabled: Social Welfare, Education, and Public Health in Mexico City, 1860-1940”

Amanda Casper (Advisor: J. Ritchie Garrison) “Making Home: Altering the Home in Industrial America, 1865-1925”

Christine Croxall (Advisor: Christine Heyrman) “Holy Waters: Religious Conflicts and Commitments in the Mississippi River Valley, 1780-1830”

Michael Dickinson (Advisor: Erica Armstrong Dunbar) “Surviving Slavery: Oppression and Social Rebirth in the Urban British Atlantic, 1680-1807”

Julie Fisher (Advisor: Cathy Matson) “Colonialism Up Close and Personal: How Face-to-Face Relationships Defined Indian-English Politics in Seventeenth-Century New England”

Alyce Graham (Advisor: Christine Heyrman) “Arctic Martyrs: Hardship and Suffering in Nineteenth-Century Arctic Exploration”

Nalleli Guillen (Advisor: Katherine Grier) “The Humble, Though More Profitable Art: Panoramic Spectacles in the American Entertainment World 1794-1850”

Ai Hisano (Advisor: Susan Strasser) “Eye Appeal Is Buy Appeal: Business Creates the Color of Foods, 1870-1970.” Winner of the University’s Sypherd Prize, for the best dissertation in the humanities, 2017.

Kevin Impellizeri (Advisor: Katherine Grier) “The Three-Player Game: A Cultural History of Home Video Games in America, 1972-1994”

S. Seabrook Jones (Advisor: Raymond Wolters) “A History of Race and Education in Louisville, Kentucky Public Schools, 1870-2012”

Elizabeth Jones-Minsinger (Advisor: Cathy Matson) “Out of the Shadows: Uncovering Women’s Productive and Consuming Labor in the Mid Atlantic, 1750-1815”

Alison Kreitzer (Advisor: Arwen Mohun) “Masculinity, Whiteness, and Technology Play in Dirt Track Automobile Racing, 1924-1960”

Stephanie Lampkin (Advisor: Cathy Matson) “Negotiating Freedom and Power in a Changing Borderland: The Intersections of Indigenous and Maroon Communities in Florida, 1693-1803”

Satomi Minowa (Advisor: Rebecca Davis) “The Limit of Freedom: Free Love Controversies in the Nineteenth-Century United States”

Kimberly Nath (Advisor: Cathy Matson) “The British are Coming, Again: Loyalists, Property Confiscation, and Reintegration in the Mid-Atlantic in Revolution and Peace, 1777-1800″

Toni Pitock (Advisor: Cathy Matson) “Commerce and Connection: Jewish Merchants, Philadelphia, and the Atlantic World, 1738-1822”

Michael Pospishil (Advisor: Cathy Matson) “The Pursuit of Order in Revolutionary New York: Surveyors, Statesmen, and the Making of a Capitalist Landscape, 1757-1796”

Tyler Rudd Putman (Advisor: David Suisman) "The Incommunicable Experience of War, 1775-1918"

Alessandra Wood (Advisor: Katherine Grier) “Designed to Sell: The Evolution of Merchandising and Display in Mid-Twentieth Century Department Stores”

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Dissertations in Progress
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Dissertations in Progress
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