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Ph.D. Recipients and their advisors, 2018

The Ph.D. in History from the University of Delaware brings together our department’s passion for historical research, our interdisciplinary partnerships, and our deep commitment to training the next generation of scholars. Students in the Ph.D. program include Hagley ScholarsAmerican Civilization Fellows, and students pursuing the Ph.D. in American, European, and other fields. Many of our Ph.D. students also earn the Certificate in Museum Studies. Our students can participate in the opportunities offered by  The African American Public Humanities Initiative, an interdisciplinary program that integrates the disciplines of English, History, Africana Studies, and Art History with an intentional focus on training students for a broad range of careers in and beyond the academy. We take pride in the collegiality of our graduate program and foster opportunities for professional development, summer internships, research funding, and conference participation. Our graduates have an excellent job placement record.

Program Requirements

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy recognizes the candidate’s command of specific fields of history as well as the ability to conceive and execute a Ph.D. dissertation. After completing course work and successfully passing qualifying exams, Ph.D. students work under the supervision of a dissertation director and faculty committee to complete a major research project that produces new historical knowledge or reshapes existing historical understanding.

( Download full document here: History Graduate Program Guidelines)

The Ph.D. track students must fulfill the following requirements:



Fields of Study

American History: The Department offers a broad range of courses in United States political, social, cultural, and economic history, as well as in the history of gender, race relations, and political economy. Faculty expertise makes possible study in all periods and most fields of American history.

European History: The Department sponsors reading and research in the history of Western Europe and Russia. Students may also specialize in Medieval and Renaissance or in modern European history.

World & Comparative History: The Department offers a variety of opportunities for comparative and transnational studies of slavery, commerce, and culture of the transatlantic world, and global patterns of industrialization.

Other Fields of History: The Department offers a growing number of courses in Ancient, African, Asian, and Latin American, Middle Eastern history, and material culture. Although these fields are not now available for major concentration at the Ph.D. level, students can arrange to minor in any of these fields.

Placement Record

The Department has a highly successful placement record. After completing their degree, students go on to careers in the academy as well as in a diverse range of fields.

Placements of graduates in the last five years include:

• Curator, Forest Hills Educational Trust

• Assistant Professor, Wesley College

• Archives & Digital Initiatives Manager, School of Architecture, Princeton University

• History Teacher, Bryn Mawr School (Baltimore, MD)

• Executive Director, Hanover (MA) Historical Society

• Lecturer, York College (PA)

List of Graduate Placements

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  • Department of History
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  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • University of Delaware
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